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Pre-existing Conditions Affect Long Term Care Insurance Availability – Part One

The term pre-existing condition has been used a lot the past few years as it is one of the things that has affected Americans when trying to purchase health insurance.? When you change carriers a new carrier may not pay for continued treatment or a new treatment for the same ailment for a certain amount of time.

As we discussed earlier a Long Term Care Policy may not be for everyone.? Companies may not make a long term care policy available to a person who has had heart surgery, cataract surgery or who requires a walker or cane during their activities of daily living.?? This doesn?t necessarily mean though that this type of policy shouldn?t be carefully considered by a senior who needs in home assistance.

A senior may still find a carrier to sell them a hybrid policy that combines life insurance with a long term care rider that will not have pre-existing condition exclusion. Visit the government long term care website for information on what options may be available to you for this type of coverage.? Long term care policies can be a help to a senior pay for home health aides who can provide grocery shopping assistance, medicine management and other valuable services.

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