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Potential Diet Soda Dangers

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Millions of Americans turn to diet soda as a healthier, but still flavorful, alternative to full calorie sodas when looking to reach or maintain a healthy weight.? While diet soda may seem like the perfect solution for health conscious soda drinkers, the results of a new study shed some light on some possible serious health concerns for diet soda fans.

The nine year study, presented at the International Stroke Conference, suggests that people who drink diet soda every day could be increasing their risk of heart disease or stroke by nearly fifty percent. Experts not directly affiliated with the study were quick to point out that research failed to consider some important variables in determining stroke risk, namely family history and weight gain.

While it may be too early for health care providers to begin cautioning patients to completely remove diet soft drinks from their diet, this study does certainly raise serious concerns.? If the results of the study can be duplicated in future efforts though, diet soft drinks may no longer be viewed as an ideal alternative for full sugar sodas.

It?s always a good idea to consult your doctor or health care provider prior to making any major changes in your diet or activity level.? If you want, or need, to lose weight your health care provider will be able to make completely safe and simple suggestions for lifestyle changes that could get you on the right track.

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