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Postoperative Complications are Much More Common in Seniors

A recent study found that serious complications following thyroid surgery plagued patients aged 65 and older much more often than their younger counterparts. The complications among the nearly 8,000 patients followed consisted of issues with the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems and infections.

The reason for the analysis was in part due to the fact that thyroidectomies are much more prevalent for older patients today than they had been in the past. The lead author of the study states that the effects of surgery on older Americans should be a priority as the Baby Boomer generation ages. He notes that these complications were not direct results of surgery so patients in this age group need primary care physicians and nurses to monitor their recovery.

A very large part of a successful surgery lies in closely adhering to the after care instructions.? Family members may want to be involved in after care following a surgery but an experienced senior care provider can be vital to a successful recovery.? An experienced health aide can tackle tasks like medication management, wound care management and other aspects of post-operative care.? Relying on a professional to perform these essential duties creates the best chance for a recovery that is free of complications.

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