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Poor Sleep May Play a Role in Weight Loss

A new study published in a recent issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine could reveal a connection between sleeping patterns and weight loss success.? The research compared the weight loss efforts of overweight individuals who slept in excess of eight hours a night to those who only got five and a half hours per night.

The difference in the amount of fat loss between the groups that was well rested and the group that was sleep deprived was significant.? Overweight subjects in the sleep deprived group lost approximately 55% less fat than their counterparts who got better sleep.? Those subjects who got less sleep were also hungrier than those who were better rested, which can also have a negative effect on dieting efforts.

Exercise is often seen as a great way to lose weight and regular bouts of physical activity are also beneficial for helping to regulate sleep patterns.? If your dieting efforts have been solely based around cutting calories, adding regular exercise to the mix could help you get better sleep and lose more weight.? Consult your doctor or health aid to get clearance prior to beginning any new exercise program.

Getting the appropriate amount of sleep is important to more than just your weight loss efforts, it?s crucial to your overall health.? If you have difficulty sleeping on a regular basis, you should discuss the problem with your doctor or health aid to determine the appropriate course of action for your situation.

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