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Poor Drug Management Increases Veterans Hospitalizations

Reuter?s news has reported on a survey that shows a large number of preventable hospitalizations are occurring at VA hospitals. The Journal of the American Geriatric Society published a study on drug reactions suffered by Veterans over the age of sixty-five between the years 2003 to 2006. The study reveals that many of these hospitalizations could have been avoided with better medicine management.

One finding showed that over half of the unfavorable reactions were caused by the wrong drugs being prescribed to veterans. These findings, along with patients not taking their medications according to instructions, are the two main reasons for the loss of over $110,000,000 caused by these preventable occurrences.

The number of drugs taken by an individual also was cited as a reason that unfavorable reactions can occur. Lead author Dr. Zachary Marcum noted that the greater the amount of drugs taken increases the chances that one or more may be inappropriate. This study highlights how those offering in home assistance must be especially aware of all drugs that the senior in their care is taking.

A home health aide can be a tremendous asset when it comes to this very important aspect of senior care. A nurse offering senior care services can be present when the doctors explain new medications and they can take an active role in the medicine management of the senior in your care.

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