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Poll Shows Confusion When it Comes to Healthy Heart Practices

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The American Heart Association recently conducted a survey in an effort to determine people?s understanding of consuming sodium and wine in regards to heart health. The survey was administered to one thousand adults and the results showed that many Americans could be confused when it comes to the effects that sodium and alcohol can have on the heart.

More than three quarters of those surveyed understood that moderate consumption of wine had heart health benefits.? Unfortunately though, thirty percent of those respondents didn?t know the recommended limits suggested for alcohol consumption.? While limited consumption of wine can be good, consuming too much of any alcohol can have serious consequences and lead to a number of health risks.

More than sixty percent of those questioned also believed that sea salt was a lower sodium alternative to regular table salt when in fact sea salt contains the same percentage ?as table salt.? Diets that are high in salt can contribute to high blood pressure and heart disease and this misconception could result in Americans consuming far more than the recommended limit

If you are looking to make the necessary adjustments for a heart healthier lifestyle you should consult your health care provider prior to instituting any changes.? Your health care provider will be able to help you make the safest and most appropriate decisions when it comes to improving your heart health through diet and exercise.

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