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Patients Show Positive Results from Placebo

A recent study funded by the National Center for Complimentary and alternative Medicine shows that a patient can benefit from taking a placebo, even if they are fully aware that they are taking a placebo.

The study followed eighty patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome who were separated into two groups.? The groups consisted of participants who were knowingly prescribed a placebo and those that received no medication.

Within just a few weeks of beginning the study nearly twice as many subjects that were prescribed the placebo reported having improvements compared to those that weren?t taking medication.? Those that were taking the placebo also seemed to feel better much faster than those who received no treatment.

While there are a number of studies that have shown the benefit of patients taking a placebo that was thought to be prescription medication, this could be the first that shows benefits without the secrecy.? Researchers who worked on the study believe that going through the medical process of visiting a health care provider and receiving a prescription may be the reason behind the benefit.

This study seems to show that participation in the ?medical ritual? and confidence in the treatment that your health care provider prescribes can ultimately contribute to the success of the treatment.

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