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Overmedication in Nursing Homes Denounced by the FDA

The FDA has put out a report about an audit they conducted this May in nursing homes on the amount of medication being prescribed. It pointed out the disturbing overmedication of anti-psychotic drugs to people with cognitive problems such as Alzheimer?s disease. This report recounted that these drugs can cause death due to heart attacks ? a fact that the FDA has been warning about this since 2005.

Overmedication in seniors is not a new topic and the problem is not just with nursing homes. Seniors themselves at times can take too much medicine believing it will help a certain problem go away more quickly. Some seniors have been known to overuse over the counter medications for constipation or diarrhea because of fears of incontinence or other embarrassing situations.

The person offering in home assistance had better beware of the effects of both over the counter medicines and prescription medications taken by the one they care for. The best advice is to take all the medications to the personal physician or pharmacist to check on any possible issues between these drugs taken.

A home health aide can be a valuable resource in making sure overmedication is avoided. They can be the one present during all times the senior is to take medications. The professional staff at Specialty Care Services can be there when the review of medications is done at the doctor?s office and have all the information ready for the physician at this visit.

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