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Order Fish Baked or Broiled for Heart Health

who recommend that their patients consume more fish for a heart healthier diet may need to amend their recommendations for optimal results.? According to a recent study that evaluated the diets of nearly eighty five thousand women the type of fish and how the it is prepared can both have a significant impact on the potential benefits.

According to researchers dark fish like salmon and bluefish had a much more significant impact on heart failure in post menopausal women than white fish like cod or tuna.? The preparation of the fish also had a profound impact on heart disease risk among the subjects studied.

Researchers found that women who consumed the most baked or broiled fish, five or more servings per week, reduced their risk of heart failure by as much as thirty percent.? On the opposite side of the spectrum, consuming even a single serving of fried fish per week was linked to an increased risk of heart diseases by nearly fifty percent.

The information contained in this study shows just how much of an impact simple changes to your diet can have on your health.? Consult your health care provider for suggestions on other simple dietary and lifestyle changes that can work to improve your heart health, overall health and quality of life.

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