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Older Adults Are More Sensitive to Alcohol

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use can be cause for some concern to seniors. The older adults that drink alcohol on a regular basis may not have a drinking problem but the use of alcohol can cause more problems for the senior population than for younger adults. An aging body can be more susceptible to alcohol’s effects. There are also a number of medications that a senior may be taking that might not react well with alcohol.

An older person takes longer to metabolize alcohol so it stays in their body longer. This, along with the fact that older people usually have less water in their body, can contribute to their blood alcohol content being higher than a younger person who drinks the same amount.

Aging also lowers the senior’s tolerance to alcohol.? This fact combined with the higher blood alcohol level may lead to symptoms like slurred speech and balance problems. A visitor may even miss these symptoms as related to alcohol and instead believe the senior is showing signs of a stroke or another malady.

A person offering in home assistance to a senior family member should be aware of the possible problems caused by alcohol intake.? A senior care specialist can highlight the potential dangers of mixing alcohol with certain medications and evaluate your loved one?s health to determine other possible risks of consuming alcohol.

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