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Old Age and Psychological Wellbeing

Many elderly persons are confronted with physical and psychological issues. Some of these concerns include coping with sicknesses, insufficient retirement income or the inability to live without help. Other problems can also include the loss of a next of kin, siblings or close acquaintances.

Unfortunately, psychological maladies among the elderly are quite hard to detect. Loneliness is often attributed to growing old or fewer social circles. Elderly individuals sometimes are not able to report such conditions to medical professionals. Sometimes they are just reluctant to admit to having problems out of shame or pride. The most common problems include alcohol abuse, dementia, physical and psychotic disorders.

One of the major issues that seniors usually encounter is depression. Depression is a word that frightens even the strong of heart. It is difficult to recover especially if the melancholy goes further than a momentary feeling of sadness. This can be a severe disorder that affects an individual?s judgment, attitude, disposition, and physical condition. The incidence and seriousness of depression may escalate if treatment is not administered right away.

What helps? Nurture sympathetic relationships. Peers and family members are the main sources of strength of senior adults. It will be very hard to overcome depression if you remain secluded and lonely. Maintain these relationships. Indulge in social activities and group pursuits. Reach out constantly to friends and next of kin.

This is not a sign of personal weakness or a cause of inconvenience to those around you. Keep in mind that these persons care for you sincerely. They will gladly extend a helping hand. Likewise, it is not too late to develop new friendships and to build a support network.

Share your thoughts with colleagues. Never hesitate to ask them for help so they will listen to your grievances and fears.
Socialize even if you are not really comfortable. It is expected that people who feel miserable would rather be cut off from the rest of the world. Staying in the company of people will help you feel less disheartened. Another option is to sign up with an advocacy group that fights depression. It is possible to support one another, give and obtain heartfelt advice in coping, as well as sharing experiences.

A home care nurse from Specialty Care Services will not only help care for your physical well-being, but also be a companion and friend to stimulate you mentally and socially.


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