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Ohio Offers More At Home Care Services

The State of Ohio has proposed a plan to the federal government to get more in home care to those currently on Medicare and Medicaid.? State officials want to better coordinate the care that Ohioans get through the two programs.

The recipients that receive funding from both agencies are the target area for the plan. The two programs usually service different individuals – the separation between the two groups serviced is where the problems sometimes lie.? The hope of this plan is to improve communication between Medicare and Medicaid, reduce unnecessary tests and prevent medication errors.

This new plan also keeps the option of at home care open when appropriate for the patient. In home service from a professional senior care provider is often the best option for the patient receiving Medicare.? The familiar surroundings of home can make elderly patients more comfortable and less likely to suffer depression or mood swings.

An affordable and well trained home health aide that assists with the activities of daily living and medication management can be big part of the success of this plan.? An experienced home health aide can reduce the stress associated with care giving while creating the healthiest possible environment for a senior who needs assistance.

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