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Obesity?s Effect on Brain Function in Women

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A recent study published in ?The Journal of the American Geriatric Society,? has shown a link between obesity and poor memory/brain function in elderly women.? The controlled study was comprised of nearly nine thousand women between the ages of 65-79 who were considered cognitively normal.

The results of the study revealed that, the higher a woman?s weight and body mass index were, the worse off she was in terms of brain function.? The constant in the study was the ?Modified Mini-Mental Status Examination,? a one hundred point memory test.? Though the women all scored within what was considered to be a normal range, those with higher BMI?s were among those with the lowest scores ? leading to the conclusion that obesity can have a seriously detrimental effect on a woman?s brain function.

Obesity is among the leading causes of a number of serious health conditions including diabetes and heart disease and it makes it much more difficult to get around, but this study has revealed that it?s not just our bodies that are at risk from obesity.? Declining brain function could mean the difference between freedom and independence or the increased need for specialized care; it could even mean the difference between receiving help from a loved one or nurse at home and being forced into a facility.

If you have concerns about obesity you should consult with your physician or home health care provider to get suggestions for a healthier diet and an appropriate exercise program so you can be as healthy as possible, both physically and mentally.

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