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Obesity Recognized as a Major Risk Factor for Heart Attack

Doctors and health care providers have long been aware that obesity increases the risk for serious health conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol, which lead to an increased risk of heart disease.? A new study conducted in Scotland reveals that obesity increases the chances of a deadly heart attack even when other contributing factors aren?t present though.

The study, published in the online journal Heart, began nearly twenty years ago and has tracked the health of more than six thousand middle aged men.? Researchers have concluded from the information they gathered over two decades that obese middle aged men have a 60% higher chance of dying from a heart attack than those who aren?t obese.? Researchers didn?t necessarily find a definitive connection between obesity and increased risk of fatal heart attacks but the findings are certainly eye opening and beg for further in depth research.

High blood pressure and diabetes can be treated and managed with medication, but obese patients may still be at risk for a fatal heart attack even if those other risk factors seem under control.? The results of this study show that health care providers need to focus additional efforts on weight loss and the prevention of obesity in order to lower patient risk of a fatal heart attack.

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