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Obesity Linked to Increased Chance of Arthritis

According to information collected in the National Health Interview Survey from 2007-2009, arthritis is much more common among obese people than it is among people of an average weight.? Nearly 34% of obese women and more than 25% of obese men over the age of eighteen suffer from doctor diagnosed arthritis, which is nearly double the respective percentages of normal weight individuals.

In a recent Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, the CDC cautions that until more Americans are actively implementing strategies to achieve and maintain healthy weights that the statistics for both obesity and arthritis will continue to skyrocket.? Arthritis is only the latest of a long list of risks associated with obesity, so it?s imperative that overweight individuals take action if they want to live as healthy a life as possible.

The best ways to keep your weight in check are participation in a regular exercise program and consuming a healthier diet.? The exercise program doesn?t need to be complex or overly time consuming; a thirty minute walk in the evening could result in a big difference in overall health.

Consult your doctor or health aid prior to beginning a new exercise regime in order to be sure that your choice of activities is safe for your situation.? Your health care provider will also be able to help with suggestions for cleaning up your diet so you can safely maximize your weight loss efforts.

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