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Obesity Concerns in the Elderly

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Many people are talking about and attempting to take action on the obesity epidemic among children and adolescents, but you don?t hear quite as much about the fight against obesity in the elderly.

The battle against obesity among the elderly is just as serious as that among our youth, but dealing with obesity in older individuals can be a much trickier issue.? Obesity contributes to the increased chance of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and a host of other health concerns, but drastic changes to diet or a dramatic increase in rigorous physical activity could put individuals who are already in a state a frailty at a greater risk of injury.

Activities that would seem perfectly safe and common for children and adolescents to participate in could result in broken bones among elderly people who suffer from osteoporosis.? A broken leg or hip could result in months of rehab followed by the need for home care and a prescribed limit on activity.? This scenario could completely derail the ability to lose weight through exercise.

If you have a loved one that has been obese or has been gaining weight and in danger of becoming obese, you need to discuss the situation with their doctor and/or home health care provider to determine the best course of action. Ignoring the situation will certainly not help and the longer you wait to take action, the worse the scenario will likely get.? The primary physician and health care providers will help you to set up an appropriate course of action to begin to bring down your loved one?s weight with minimal risk of problems or injury.

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