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November is National Alzheimer?s Month and Caregiver Month

November is designated as National Alzheimer?s Disease awareness month and also family caregiver month. The designation is to make Americans more aware of the disease and also to acknowledge the tremendous contributions of caregivers to loved ones that suffer from the disease.

Part of the effort to increase awareness is contained in the recent report ?Alzheimer?s From the Frontlines: Challenges A National Alzheimer?s Plan Must Address?. The new report contains a wealth of information gathered from the public about the effect the disease has on their lives.

There are estimated that as many as 16 million Americans may be diagnosed with the disease by 2050. The current number of caregivers is already seen as too low and families are struggling with the burden the disease can bring. The cognitively impaired patient can be very difficult for a nonprofessional to deal with. A visiting home health aide can relieve some of the pressure family caregivers are under.

The first step a person can take in gaining this help would be to contact a professional such as those found at Specialty Care Services. The specific care needs of a family member can be analyzed and any questions on how to better serve this person can be answered. If there are any gaps to the care they can be addressed and resolved.

Specialty Care Services can also provide a home health aide to visit and take over for a period of time during the day. This care is affordable and payment for these services may come from Medicare or long term care insurance.

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