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No Added Fat Loss Benefit from Fish Oil Supplementation

A recent study conducted by researchers from the Cooper Institute in Dallas reveals that supplementing with fish oil while exercising and dieting doesn?t promote greater weight loss.

The study followed more than one hundred overweight and obese individuals for a period of six months.? All participants were placed on a program consisting of 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise and 40-60 minutes of strength training per week.? In addition to the prescribed exercise program, individuals were given either five fish oil pills or five pills of a placebo per day.

By the end of the six month study all participants who remained had lost at least five percent of their bodyweight.? To the surprise of many though, researchers found no significant difference in weight loss between the participants that took fish oil pills and those that were given a placebo.? While researchers noted that the many health benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids shouldn?t be ignored, it doesn?t appear that they have much of an impact on fat loss.

This study may not have dieters running out to stock up on fish oil, but it certainly does reaffirm what your health care provider has been telling you about the health benefits of exercise.? Exercise is one of the best ways to achieve a healthy bodyweight and to ward off serious health risks.

If you want to reach and maintain a healthy weight, consult your health care provider for suggestions on an age appropriate fitness program to fit your current fitness level.

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