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New Virtual Colonoscopy Does not Require Colon Cleansing

There is a new computer imaging colonoscopy that only requires taking a dye that will make the feces recognizable and then the polyps can be found and corrective measures can be taken. In a paper published by the Annals of Internal Medicine the new approach was found to be almost as effective as the optical colonoscopy in finding polyps that are most likely to cause colorectal cancer. This is good news for seniors since the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends colorectal screening for anyone over fifty and to continue at intervals up to the age of seventy-five.

The American Cancer Society has found that about fifty-nine percent of those who should be screened have done so. Hopefully it will increase with this new approach. The caregiver who is charged with scheduling tests and doctor?s appointments can be glad that innovations like this continue to be developed.

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