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New Suggestions Offered for Managing High Blood Pressure in Elderly Patients

The risk of high blood pressure and other cardiovascular issues increase with age but few Americans over the age of eighty receive the appropriate course of treatment to control blood pressure.? Many health care providers exercise caution when it comes to treating elderly patients in order to try and avoid the potential side affects associated with some treatments.

The American Heart Association has released a new guidance statement with recommendations for treating hypertension in the elderly while minimizing chances of treatment related side effects.? The AHA suggestions for treatment include regular monitoring of blood pressure, use of antihypertensive medications when appropriate and instituting healthy lifestyle changes.? In order to avoid treatment related side affects the AHA has recommended that health care providers begin with the lowest dosage for the desired result and to increase dosages slowly as necessary.

Simple lifestyle changes can result in large heart health benefits for seniors.? By following a doctor recommended diet and participating in regular age appropriate exercise sessions seniors can work to reduce the risk of heart attacks, heart failure and strokes.? Consult your health care provider prior to making any changes to your current routine in order to ensure that you realize the maximum benefits from your efforts with the lowest possible risk.

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