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New Study Shows a Link between Alzheimer?s and Diabetes

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A new study of men and women over 60 shows a much greater incidence of developing Dementia and Alzheimer?s disease following a diabetes diagnosis. The study observed a group of 1,000 men and women with?high level of blood sugar?for 15 years.? There have been other studies on this possible link but this current study had clearer definitions of both diabetes and dementia than those in the past.? People with high blood sugar level were shown to have almost 2 times the chance of developing Alzheimer?s or some type of dementia.

Diabetes has been shown to cause vascular dementia due to the damage the disease does to blood vessels in the brain.? The resistance to insulin may make it hard for the body to break down a protein in the brain that can cause plaque build up in brain?s blood vessels also.

Diabetes can be a very hard disease to manage, especially with the added burden of dementia.? Limiting the effects of blood sugar levels by adhering strictly to the recommended diet is a must.? If you have parents or friends who you care for that have this condition you may want to reach out to a professional senior care provider for assistance.

The diabetic with dementia and Alzheimer?s can forget whether or not they have eaten and how to prepare foods.? A home health aide is aware of the importance of diet when it comes to the treatment of diabetes and dementia and can design an effective meal plan and eating schedule.? A specially trained senior care provider can also ensure that the appropriate medications are taken when necessary to keep the diseases under control.

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