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New Study Reveals a Compound in Broccoli the Could Fight Cancer

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Many health care providers already suggest that their patients eat more cruciferous vegetables for a number of reasons.? Cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, kale and bok choy are all loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, low in calories and high in fiber making them an ideal addition to a healthy diet.? Results of a recent study show that these powerful vegetables may have much more than better nutrition to offer though.

Previous studies have alluded to the possibility of cruciferous vegetables having cancer fighting properties, but researchers hadn?t had any luck pinpointing the connection until now. A new study has revealed the compound in cruciferous vegetables that targets and blocks the mutated p53 gene that is believed to be responsible for tumor growth.

The compound identified in cruciferous vegetables was capable of identifying and removing the dangerously mutated genes while having no adverse effect on normal p53 genes.? While the normal p53 genes are incredibly beneficial to the body and offer cells protection from cancer, researchers say that the defective genes can be found in 50% of all human cancer cases.

If these findings can be confirmed with further research health care providers may have a completely new way to approach cancer prevention and treatment with their patients.

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