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New Research Shows Alzheimer?s Disease is Similar to An Infectious Brain Disease

A recent article published in Science Daily reported that some sporadic cases of Alzheimer?s originate in the same way that mad cow disease develops in the brain. The disease is caused by plaque that develops in the brain.? The development of this plaque looks similar to the development of the plaque that is created by the infection process found in humans when exposed to mad cow disease.

As with all new research it is far too soon to believe that the real cause has now been found but this does bring to light the fact that research seems to be progressing.? Alzheimer?s continues to be the sixth leading cause of death in the country.? The number of older Americans that may be diagnosed with the disease in the future will probably continue to increase if researchers can?t find a viable cure or treatment.

Cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer?s and mild to moderate dementia has placed a burden on family members who provide care for elderly loved ones. If you are caring for a senior citizen with this type of disorder a review of your daily care activities should be conducted by an experienced professional.

The experts at Specialty Care Services can look at the present in home assistance arrangement and make suggestions that can better serve your family member. The caretaker must be sure to balance the care offered with some down time to prevent any lapse in care or an instance of caretaker burnout.

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