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New Report Reveals an Astounding Number of People Worldwide Suffer from Disabilities

A new report recently released by the World Health Organization shows that there are more than a billion individuals in the world today living with some form of disability. The report also shows that many of those suffering from disabilities don?t have access to the care of specially trained health care providers that could help improve their quality of life.

According to the World Health Organization people who suffer from disabilities are more than times as likely to not have access to health care providers who are specifically trained to meet their needs. Having access to the appropriate type of care and to professionals who are properly trained is critical for people with disabilities. The appropriate type and level of care can help those suffering from disabilities to live a much more fulfilling and ultimately happier life though.

Health care professionals with the appropriate amount of training and relevant experience will be able to ensure that the patient?s physical, mental and nutritional needs are met. Implementing the best possible course of treatment and therapy for a specific disability can help to reduce the pain, anguish and frustration experienced by the patient. The most appropriate treatment and therapy can also open up a wealth of new opportunities that may not have existed without the right care.

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