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New Report on Medicare and Health Services – Part Two

According to the report ?Health Care Change: The Time is Now? the current health care system?s ability to handle preventive care goals and reduce costs has some very definable flaws. Patients are not scheduling visits to discuss preventive care and physicians are not actively making patients aware of all that Medicare has to offer.

According to the report another large part of the soaring health care costs involves chronic illnesses that require consistent care. Up to 70% of all Medicare recipients suffer from some type of chronic condition – this fact is also putting tremendous pressure on the Medicare budget.

In order for this plan to work physicians need to make preventive plans that the patient can follow and patients must be made aware of the benefit of a healthier lifestyle. Those seniors that require in home assistance due to a chronic disease can have a home health aide visit them on an as needed basis to create a safer and healthier environment. Specialty Care Services has many options for seniors who need help with care due to a chronic condition. Visit our website for a full list of services that we offer to seniors suffering from chronic illnesses.

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