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New Report on Medicare and Health Services – Part One

The Study ?Healthcare Change: The Time is Now? has analyzed the current rate of money being taken in by Medicare and the number of people becoming eligible and they are not very optimistic. According to their findings Medicare could be out of money by 2017.

The New Health Care plan has made preventive care a priority but according to survey results many doctors are not following through with these types of preventive measures as often as they should. Most practices still respond mostly to illness that visiting patients come in with. Medicare recipients are not scheduling wellness visits either which is making it hard for doctors to construct an individualized wellness plan.

The new Medicare plan for preventive medicine includes such things as smoking cessation, preventive screenings for colon and other cancers and cognitive assessments. Helping seniors get preventive care is a challenge faced by many Americans who provide senior care services to friends and family members.

The professionals at Specialty Care Services can be a great ally in helping you institute an appropriate preventative care plan for a senior loved on. Visit our website today to see all of the valuable services that we can provide to create the healthiest possible environment for your senior loved one who requires in home care.

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