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New Ideas for Controlling Obesity

The World Health Organization has performed a study in what they consider to be emerging economic nations and they have come to some interesting ideas for the war on obesity.? Some of the suggested methods for spreading awareness and reducing future health care costs include taxes on unhealthy foods, reducing food advertising and using clearer product labels.

Though the WHO study is focused primarily on countries outside of the US, there?s a good chance that these practices could work well for the American population as well.? Anything that can help to educate consumers on the foods that they are considering purchasing or that may limit the availability of unhealthy options could work well in countries of any economic status.

Regardless of whether similar strategies are ever studied or implemented on US soil, the best formula for losing weight will most likely still involve following the advice of your health care provider though.? Even if unhealthy foods become less advertised and more expensive, they won?t completely go away.? This means that people will still have to make smart weight loss choices like participating in a regular exercise program and choosing fruits and vegetables over sugary, high fat snacks.

Talk to your health care provider about your desire to get involved in a fitness program and to get on a healthier eating plan.? If you closely follow the suggestions put forth you should have very little problem making progress in your efforts to get to and maintain a healthier bodyweight.

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