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New Fall Prevention Guidelines for Seniors

Dr. Albert Siu of the US Preventative Services Task Force concerning fall prevention for seniors recently spoke about the new fall prevention guidelines in an article published by Reuters News America. Falls are a leading cause of injury to older adults.? According to Dr. Siu some of these falls may be prevented by taking Vitamin D supplements and increasing their exercise.

The medical literature however has shown vitamin D, physical therapy and exercise to be only moderately productive in fall prevention.? Dr. Siu has mentioned the somewhat conflicting evidence and recommends that physicians be observant of their patients before recommending any therapies designed for fall prevention.

The continued search for aiding seniors in the prevention of falls is quite understandable.? Seniors are more commonly afflicted by osteoporosis and ailments like arteriosclerosis that can decrease blood supply to the brain which leads to dizziness. Debilitating fractures can adversely affect this group as well so fall prevention is a key ingredient to overall healthcare success.

This is just one area that our specially trained health aides can provide assistance to a senior.? Our senior care providers can be there when the physician makes suggestions for fall prevention and can help devise a successful fall prevention plan for your loved one.

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