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Never Grow Old!

Although?our?overall?lifespan?may?have?expanded, that does not mean that the?amount of time?spent?being?healthy enough to?enjoy it has increased.? Much of the decline of our quality of life is not?because of aging?alone, but of an individual’s?mindset.??Our health often declines because we allow it to based on our lifestyle choices.?But new wrinkles from science can help prevent new wrinkles on you!

Your Brain: Only the fittest brain cells survive your 20?s. Around age 25, the human brain starts to slowly decrease in size. When your brain shrinks, your mental capacity can?shrink also.? This shrinkage can?also?effect your short-term memory and?your?ability to reason and?comprehend?Your ability to?retain information?can also be effected. ?The Remedy:?Engage in?a physical activity that requires?learning.??For example,?archery, bowling, or even ballroom dancing helps form the brain?s ?white matter?. The level of proficiency that you attain?doesn?t matter; the benefit is in the activity and the?time spent?learning.

?Your Lungs:? Your lungs mature around age?25.? By the time you?re 40 yrs. old,?the tiny air sacs in your lungs that bring oxygen into your bloodstream and?remove carbon dioxide,? begin to lose surface area.?? This?degeneration makes it?harder to breath during exercise.? The Remedy: ?Two daily servings of reduced-fat milk, yogurt or cottage cheese, will help reduce the signs of this?disease-related lung damage.

Your Heart:?Beginning around age 40,?the heart no longer pumps blood as efficiently. That?s because?at age?40,?the body begins to replace muscle cells with scar tissue, so your heart becomes smaller and works harder ? a heart attack in the making! The Remedy: Exercise keeps your heart muscles and arteries flexible by slowing your heart rate when resting?there by?slowing down?the cardiovascular aging process.

A Specialty Care Services home care?nursing professionals?can assist?patients while they are performing the exercises that will ensure a healthier and more?active lifestyle.



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