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Negative Consequences of Processed Foods for Seniors

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How bad are processed foods for people? Nutritionists say there are plenty of negative effects in eating pre-packaged foods. Elderly persons should watch out. Processed foods tend to come in cans, plastic sachets or bottles. These go through different procedures and contain non-natural flavoring and chemical preservatives. The key is to stay away from this type of foodstuff and opt for more natural foods.

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What are the possible adverse effects?

  • These foods have excessive sugar content. Sugar does not have the necessary nourishing elements. Sugars? have harmful effects on metabolism. Consumption of too much sugar can bring about insulin resistance: high natural fats in tissues; high levels of bad cholesterols; and augmented fat accumulation in the liver; and, stomach cavity.
  • Processed foods get a lot of media attention that can cause over-consumption. Be careful since human appetites are attracted towards salty, sweet and greasy fare.
  • There are many artificial ingredients that you should watch out for in packaged goodies and especially in canned meats.
  • People, even those who are 60 years and older, are easily obsessed with convenient foods like hotdogs, hamburgers, cured meat, and ready-to-eat noodles. This is an unhealthy food addiction. Likewise, be cautious even with simple carbohydrates that are broken down fast in the digestive system. They produce spikes in your blood sugar and insulin levels. Avoid being deceived by the ?whole grain? labels on processed food packages especially on breakfast cereals.
  • Packaged foods can have a large amount of salt and sodium. So, remember that there is a recommended amount of sodium intake especially for those who are advanced in years. A reduced consumption of sodium can help individuals affected by hypertension.
  • Hydrogenated oils contains unsaturated fats. These oils are manufactured through the infusion of hydrogen gas at high pressure. All oils can be hydrogenated including margarine. So, be careful to minimize your consumption of hydrogenated oils. Read the labels.

Nutrition is a vital health component; particularly for seniors. And medical conditions and physical constraints make it more complicated for older folks. So getting balanced nourishment is an important challenge. Bear in mind that malnutrition and wrong nourishment affect from 15 to 50 percent of the adult populace. So your diligence is key to success.

A? Home Care Nursing professional from SCS can advise and prepare a healthy and nutritious dietary program as part of a comprehensive care and treatment regimen.

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