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National Bladder Health Week Promotes Bladder Health Awareness

The American public?s awareness on a number of bladder health issues. . Bladder Health Awareness week started November 14 and used the internet to discuss different bladder health issues on a daily basis.

It is estimated that 25 million Americans suffer from bladder control issues. As with a number of other health issues that increase in frequency with age, awareness is a priority as many more Americans will have this problem as time goes on.

The Association scheduled informative pieces about overactive bladder, women?s pelvic floor issues and male stress incontinence. They have of course mentioned other causes of the problem that aren?t related to age such as surgical damage issues and other traumas as well.

Incontinence can be an embarrassing for the sufferer. An elderly person who has to adjust to life with incontinence can be greatly helped by a home health aide though. These senior care professionals have the training and sensitivity to relieve some of that burden of embarrassment.

Helping with the cleanup after an accident and even being there to just do the laundry can be a great help. The in home health care provider can be an active part of the recovery by visiting with the patient?s doctor to get the best information for working toward recovery.

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