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Music Therapy Can Relieve Alzheimer?s Symptoms

It has been recognized for some time that music therapy can be a useful intervention for those with Alzheimer?s disease. Music can alter the sensory, cognitive, social and emotional impacts of the disease. It has even been shown to decrease the need for medication in many patients.

Alzheimer?s disease is an ever increasing problem in America due to the fact we live longer lives. The effects of the disease can be difficult, not only for the sufferer but also the person offering in home assistance. Music therapy can reduce anxiety and agitation.? Those receiving it have also been shown to be less distant than patients who have not participated in this effect form of treatment.

Music therapy is not seen as a cure by any means but it has been shown in studies to keep the patient less depressed and more desirous of human contact. A caregiver can benefit from aiding their patient or loved one by playing of music that soothes them.

Music that you both like can give you something to share and if their anxiety is reduced some of the stress you are feeling will also be eased. A study conducted in France in 2009 highlighted in its conclusions that music helps both the patient and the caregiver.

A care giver can learn more about this and other therapies from Specialty Care Services. The well trained professionals can look at the help you offer your loved one and make suggestions or provide help to ensure that you are providing the best care possible.

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