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Music as Therapy

How often do we listen to our favorite music to calm ourselves and reduce stress? When we are ill or depressed, doesn’t listening to our favorite music help us deal with the pain and discomfort?

That is the basis for ?Music Therapy?, which?is?the clinical use of music as a therapeutic method to ease the physical, psychological and emotional problems of individuals. When administered by a trained and credentialed music therapist,?this type of??therapy?can be?effective in many areas of treatment.?? Music therapy can be used in combination with physical rehabilitation to help facilitate movement,?physical and psychological motivation.???It also provides an outlet for expression of feelings and emotions in a positive and therapeutic manner.

A qualified music therapist first assesses the needs of the patient, and?devises a treatment plan. The plan?may include singing, moving with and listening to music, as well as having patients create music as a emotional release. Music Therapy also provides avenues for communication that can be helpful to those who may find it difficult to express themselves in words.

The effectiveness of music therapy became recognized after World War I.??Musicians went to hospitals to play for veterans suffering from wounds and emotional trauma which led to positive?responses from the?patients.? Hospitals began?hiring of musicians?and established an?entire medical training program.

Today music therapists work in psychiatric and medical hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and outpatient clinics.?Music is also used in drug and alcohol programs, correctional facilities, halfway houses, as well as in private practice.? Home?care nurse?professionals can assist patients that would like to use music as part of?their own?unique personalized therapy to?increase their sense of well being.

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