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More Seniors Facing Hunger

The Meals on Wheels Research Foundation has released the first annual Senior Hunger Report Card to rate the nation?s performance in eradicating hunger.? The summary of the report states they have looked at the last decade using national and state data from various sources to establish the official food insecurity rates in U.S. households.

Researchers stated that they wanted to emphasize on quantifying the senior population who are facing the ?threat of hunger?.? The current figures, from 2010, show that one in seven seniors is now facing hunger up from one in nine in 2005.

Those who offer friends and family in home assistance with meals can attest to the fact that seniors don?t always eat properly.? Some seniors are not always willing to admit they may be skipping meals while their caregivers are away because they want to save money. A proper diet made out by the attending physician can only work if the senior keeps true to it.

Our well trained home health aides can provide caregivers with help in this vital area. Our staff can assist with grocery shopping, food preparation and planning a proper diet with the help of the physician to ensure the best possible health for the senior in your care.

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