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More Information on Salt and Heart Health

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A recent study published in the American journal of Hypertension attempts to clarify the association between salt consumption and heart risks. The study showed a modest improvement in blood pressure but no clear connection between a reduction in salt intake and a reduced risk of dying from heart related issues.

This has prompted researchers to believe that simply prescribing a reduction in consumption of salt may not be enough to reduce heart risk. The AHA and senior care service providers will likely continue to suggest monitoring salt intake but additional measures may be required for the best possible results. Patients who are at risk for heart disease could see more dramatic improvements from implementing an array of healthier behaviors than by just reducing salt intake.

Senior care service providers can suggest a variety of dietary adjustments that could help reduce blood pressure and minimize heart risks. An experienced care provider could also prescribe an age appropriate exercise program to improve cardiovascular fitness and further reduce heart risk.

A healthy diet is a critical aspect of overall health. In order to experience the heart and overall health benefits from making dietary adjustments the whole diet must be addressed instead of focusing on one relatively small portion. Limiting salt may certainly lead to some health improvements but focusing on the broader picture and improving the diet as a whole should produce greater results.

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