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More Foods that are Bad for You

Energy Drinks. It may be tempting to think that these drinks are healthy, but like supplements, energy drinks aren’t regulated by the FDA, so you don?t really know what you?re getting. Stick to water and known nutrients.

Smoothies.?Smoothies made with simple whole-food ingredients can be healthy, but don’t?assume that?every drink advertised as a “smoothie” is prepared this way. Some of these beverages?are full of sugar and other?high-calorie ingredients like chocolate syrup and ice cream.

Low-Fat Muffins. Although low-fat muffins are a reduced-fat version of regular muffins, they are by no means actually healthy. Most manufacturers after taking the fat out, replace? that fat with sugar to add flavor, making most low-fat muffins just as full of calories as their full-fat counterparts, and probably less filling.

?Gluten-Free? Products. ?While some Gluten-free products are healthy, others are not.??Any food products that?are?packaged or processed will not be as healthy as whole foods. The best gluten-free foods aren?t ?brand name? products at all; they?re fresh fruits and vegetables!

Frozen Diet Dinners. A frozen meal may be convenient, but most frozen ?diet?? ?dinners have? few vegetables and lots of preservatives and too much sodium. ?When it comes to nutrition, try fresh vegetables and lean?protein instead.

Canned Soups. Canned soups can be filling, but even ?reduced-sodium? and ?low-fat? soups have 400 or more milligrams of sodium per cup. High sodium can raise blood pressure, lead to bloating, and just generally make you feel sluggish.

Wheat Bread. Check the label! If it doesn’t specifically say “100-percent whole wheat,? then it’s probably mostly white bread with just a little wheat flour mixed in for marketing. ??Make there is at least 2 grams of fiber?per slice.

A Specialty Care Services?home care nursing professional can assist patients with?grocery shopping and preparing healthier meals.

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