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Moderate Consumption of Alcohol May Have Heart Health Benefits

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You have most likely heard from a friend, family member or even health care provider that drinking red wine can have benefits for cardiovascular health.? Two newly published studies show that those benefits may be realized from any variety of alcohol, not just red wine, provided that moderation is exercised in the consumption.

According to information gathered from nearly 150 different studies people who consumed a moderate amount of alcohol were able to reduce their risk of heart disease by up to 25%.? This benefit was seen in the studies regardless of the type of alcohol the participants consumed when the drinks were limited to one, or less, per day.

The key to realizing the potentially positive effects of alcohol without experiencing the often associated negatives lies in limiting the quantity consumed.? If you have no conditions or take no medications that prevent you from drinking alcohol and you can adhere to consumption only in moderation, that beer or glass of wine with dinner could be beneficial.

Despite the fact that the results of the information gathered clearly show the potential heart health benefits of alcohol consumption, many health care providers may not be quick to recommend it though.? There are people, like pregnant women and those with liver disease, who shouldn?t consume alcohol and there are other, less risky, methods for effectively managing cholesterol and improving cardiovascular health.

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