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Minor Lifestyle Adjustments can Improve Sleep

Getting the right amount of sound sleep is critical to good health, but many Americans struggle to get a good night?s rest.? Major sleep issues might require obtaining prescriptions from your health care provider or a trip to a specialist. In many cases though, getting the right amount of sleep can be accomplished with just a few simple alterations to your daily routine.

A recent survey of more than 1500 adults shed some light on just how important your sleep environment can be to getting the right amount of sleep.? Results of the survey, conducted by the Nation Sleep Foundation, show that people generally sleep soundly for longer periods when their bedroom is clean and comfortable.? Many respondents reported that clean sheets, fresh air and a made bed had a large impact on their quality of sleep.

In addition to keeping your bedroom neat and tidy, there are also some other simple methods for achieving a better night?s rest.? Changes to your diet and eating habits, like controlling caffeine intake and not eating a heavy meal too close to bed time, can have a big impact on your ability to fall asleep.? Participating in a regular exercise routine can also help you to fall asleep faster at night and to sleep for a longer duration.

Failing to get the necessary amount of sleep on a regular basis can have serious health repercussions.? If you?ve got minor issues with getting to sleep any or all of the aforementioned activities may do the trick.? If you continue to have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep though, a consultation with your health care provider may be necessary to identify and treat the problem.

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