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Medicare Recipients and Caregivers: The New Detectives

The Medicare monthly benefits statement can contain codes describing services that may or may not read like something you received from your doctor. Next year this should all change though as the language on the Medicare statement is to be more user friendly.

Those interested can actually get this more easily understood information right now at the Medicare website. New York Times columnist for health care Susan Jaffe reports that if you check your statement and find a fraudulent entry you may receive a $1,000 reward for reporting it.

The fact that there may be financial reward for diligence could cause seniors and caregivers to look much more closely at statements. Fraud has plagued the Medicare system for years and the new detectives to root it out just may be seniors and their caregivers.

Going through these statements and understanding insurances and government programs can put quite a strain on people offering in home assistance to seniors. Our well trained senior care service providers can provide assistance with this and other difficult day to day tasks that in home care providers face. Visit our website now to see all of the services that we offer and to see how we can help you provide the best care to a senior loved one.

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