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Medicare Open Enrollment Ends on December 7

December 7 is the end of the open enrollment period for Medicare Advantage plans. This period is also for those who want to change from one Advantage plan to another or change back to the original Medicare plan from an Advantage plan. It also is a time to take up or drop the prescription drug plan as well.

The open enrollment commercials could possibly be causing some confusion to those who are in the plan for the first time. It also can be confusing to those that are caring for a senior that has coverage in force already. This is a very important subject to those who are older, as after paying into Medicare for so many years they will want to reap some of the benefits.

Medicare is only one of the many subjects that the person helping with care will face.? An expert from Specialty Care Services can field the many questions you may have regarding insurance options and those that revolve around help with daily activities.

Our experts can explain what Medicare will cover and what long term care insurance covers. A visiting nurse can also provide details on managing daily medications and help with meal planning and preparation to ensure that the best scenario for your loved one.

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