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Medicare Offering More in Home Services

The Affordable Care Act has created The New Independence at Home Demonstration that increases the services available to Medicare recipients at home.? The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services acting administrator describes the program as? bringing new life? to the idea of house calls using 21st century technologies and a team approach.

Certainly the need for unnecessary hospitalizations is a key reason for trying this option of care but caregivers and family members tend to be more satisfied with care when it is received at home. These at home demonstrations will provide the chronically ill patients with a complete range of primary care services tailored to their specific needs.

If the medical care providers can demonstrate success in giving quality care at a reduced cost the provider will receive an incentive payment from Medicare. The quality of care will be monitored as the demonstration is given to insure no corners are being cut. The CMS is looking for a win, win situation not just a reduction in expenditures.

The plan coincides with generally held belief that those in need of care, especially seniors, respond better in their home environment. In home assistance enables seniors that have chronic conditions maintain their independence by staying in their homes and hopefully recover faster than they would with a full time stay in a hospital.

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