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Medicare Coverage for Polyp Removal During Screening

The Medicare coverage for colorectal cancer screening has a loophole that Pennsylvania representative Charlie Dent wants to close. If a senior getting a colonoscopy is found to have a cancerous or non-cancerous polyp that is removed the classification changes from screening to a therapeutic procedure. This makes the patient, or supplemental insurance provider, responsible for a payment of a coinsurance bill.

Congressman Dent wants to make the whole process classified as screening to make it more attractive for seniors to get the procedure. The deductible for this is already waived and it seems to make sense that the coinsurance should be waived as well. The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and other lobbying groups have been trying to get this change made for over a year.

Those offering in home assistance can join in on this cause by sending a note to their own congressman. Participating in causes like this can help your parents and other elderly loved right now and may eventually help you and others in your family in the future. Many senior care providers have a hectic and stressful schedule but investing just a few moments of time to join in on causes like this can have a powerful impact on the quality of senior health care.

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