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Many Health Goals for US Women Unmet in 2010

A new ?report card? has been released for women based upon the goals set for the Healthy People 2010 initiative and the overall national scores are far from where federal officials had hoped.? Of the 26 goals set forth in the initiative only three have been met or exceeded nationally.

According to the report enough US women are getting mammograms, colorectal screenings and annual dental exams to fall within the targeted range, but the majority of important goals are well off the pace.? The national incidence of obesity in women is up to over 26%, which is pushing twice the 15% goal set by the Healthy People 2010 initiative.? Percentages of women with high blood pressure and diabetes are also up since the last such report was released by the National Women?s Law Center.

Though reaching the remainder of the goals by year end is an impossibility, there are a number of simple changes that women can make to get healthier moving into 2011.? Regular trips to health care providers for annual physicals including a pap smear and cholesterol screening would provide a good start for embarking on a healthier lifestyle.

An annual check up can help determine what courses of action need to be followed in order to get healthier and stay healthier.? Health care providers can use the information found to make recommendations on dietary changes, increases in physical activity and additions of medication or nutritional supplements to improve overall health.

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