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Managing Medicine for Seniors

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A new report from the CDC highlights the problem of medicine management that many seniors face. According to the report there were four main types of medication responsible for hospitalizations due to accidental overdoses among seniors. The four medications most over used were warfarin (blood thinners Coumadin and Jantoven), insulin, blood clot preventatives and oral diabetes medications.

The CDC found that about forty percent of seniors aged sixty-five and over take five to nine medications a day. Forty-eight percent of the reported cases of accidental overdose involved seniors aged 80 or over. Cognitive impairment and regular instances of forgetfulness common to seniors can dramatically increase the chances for over medication.

A person offering assistance to a senior must be aware of all medications that senior is taking. Doctors must also be made aware of all medications taken in order to avoid the possibility of potentially dangerous drug interactions.

Specialty Care Services can be a valuable ally to seniors when it comes to medicine management. Non- professionals who care for family members can take advantage of our expertise by discussing an appropriate plan for developing a safe medication regimen. Our home health aides can also visit with physicians to help minimize the chances of drug interactions and help prevent hospitalizations due to over medication.

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