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Make Your Exercise Work For You

When your?weekly?schedule makes it difficult to attend an exercise class or?take a walk,?don’t give up on exercise for?the entire week.? That’s the time to come up with other ways of fitting activity into your regular? day-to-day schedule.

Instead of stressing?about what you haven?t done, find ways to incorporate exercise?into your everyday routine.? Don’t think of exercise as something that can only be done?in the gym.

You can burn extra calories every day by changing a few simple behaviors.?Every day activities can be done differently to increase calories burned.? For example, standing?while?talking on the telephone burns more calories than sitting.?Try these other simple exercises to increase?calorie burning:

1)When standing in line at the grocery store or gas station, tighten your abs or your? glutes.

2) Perform calf raises while talking on the telephone.

3) Take the stairs?when you can.? When??you do a load of laundry, instead of accumulating all the loads into one big pile, make several trips back and forth.

4) Do crunches or pushups while watching TV.? Challenge yourself to see how many you can?perform during a commercial. ?You might be surprised how quickly the number increases.

5) Do jumping jacks during commercials. Your younger kids will love the new game, and your teenagers?expect odd behavior from you anyway!

6) Do upper-body stretches in the shower like shoulder shrugs.

Remember, Wellness is a lifestyle, not just an aerobics class. The small steps matter in the big picture of health. A stressful week with limited time will be less stressful when you begin applying these new habits.? These lifestyle changes will?keep you motivated and moving.

A? Professional Home Care Nurse can help by assisting you as you perform your?exercises.?

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