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Maintaining Your Balance

Having good balance is one of the keys to being able to safely and effectively go about your daily routine and perform normal activities without increasing your chances for injury.? Balance is what keeps you from staggering while you walk, it helps you navigate stairs and it lets you get out of bed or out of a chair without teetering or falling over.

Balance disorders affect an estimated eight million US adults and put the elderly that suffer from them at a much greater risk of a fall.? For an elderly person, a fall can result in serious injury that could require an extended stay in the hospital and several months of rehab with a home health aide ? so dizziness, light headedness or any other issues related to balance should not be ignored.

If you experience ringing in your ears, difficulty standing or you feel at all insecure while you are walking you should immediately discuss the symptoms with your health care provider.? Balance problems aren?t just dangerous because of the imminent threat of a fall; the cause of your waning balance may be a serious health condition.? Balance disorders can stem from circulatory problems, stroke, multiple sclerosis or a serious ear infection ? all of which require immediate medical attention.

Feeling as though you just can?t quite get around right anymore may not just be a sign of age, there may very well be a very serious cause behind that feeling.? Falls can be prevented and health issues can be treated, but only if you thoroughly discuss the symptoms with your health care provider so they can prescribe the most appropriate course of action for you.

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