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Lower Quality of Life with Arthritis

A recent study published Arthritis Care & Research shows that the debilitating disease may cause sufferers more than just physical pain.? The study, which was based on information gathered from a survey of one million R A ?sufferers, shows that quality of life related to health was 2-3 times worse on average among those with arthritis.? Nearly thirty percent of ?R ?A ?sufferers reported having a poor or fair quality of life compared to only twelve percent of those without the disease.

Arthritis sufferers reported having more physically unhealthy days, mentally unhealthy days, totally unhealthy days and days with limited activity compared to those without arthritis.? Arthritis sufferers who led sedentary lifestyles reported a lower health related quality of life than arthritis sufferers who reported engaging in regular physical activity.

In order to improve the quality of life for arthritis sufferers health care providers may need to consider a broader approach to treatment.? In addition to prescribing necessary or appropriate medications health care providers should work to increase physical activity among arthritis patients and address any mental health concerns.? By addressing both the physical and mental health related affects associated with arthritis health care providers could help to make dramatic improvements in the overall health of arthritis patients.

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