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Low Levels of HDL Cholesterol May Indicate Increased Risk of Colon Cancer

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A new research study consisting of more than 500,000 people from nine different countries in Europe reveals a possible connection between ?good? cholesterol and the risk of developing colon cancer.? Information gathered from the participants showed that those with the highest levels of HDL cholesterol had the lowest risk of developing colon cancer even after taking other risk factors into consideration.

From the information gathered, researchers were able to conclude that for each increase of approximately 16 mg/dl of HDL the corresponding decrease in risk of colon cancer was more than 20%.? Previous studies have indicated that people with metabolic syndrome may have an increased risk for colon cancer, but this is the first study to point directly to low HDL as an independent risk factor.

Researchers admit that the research is not conclusive for definitively singling out low HDL as a cause of colon cancer, but it certainly compels further research on the link between HDL and colon cancer.? If these results can be replicated in future studies it could give health care providers another way to identify patients who could be considered high risk for developing colon cancer.? This information could help health care providers potentially focus on taking steps to prevent the disease prior to their patients developing a more serious problem.

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