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Loosing Weight Over 50

It can be hard to lose weight at any age. But for seniors, with slowing metabolisms, declining hormones, and decreased muscle mass, shedding pounds can be especially difficult. But it?s vital to maintain a healthy weight because obese adults live up to 10 years less than their average-weight counterparts and suffer from more health complications.? But by following our advice below, you?ll be well on your way to dropping those extra pounds.

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Eat nutrient-rich foods

Start by eating breakfast everyday. People who skip breakfast are less likely to be successful with long-term weight loss. And make sure you chose something nutritious, like eggs, whole grains, and fruit to keep you full and energized.

During the day, chow down on fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods are vitamin and antioxidant-rich, and they?re proven to help you live longer. And don?t forget fish. Its omega-3 fatty acids boost brainpower, lower your risk of developing some cancers, and may help some inflammatory disorders. Then, add in whole grains, like whole-wheat pasta and brown rice, which can lessen your likelihood of developing heart disease, certain cancers, and respiratory illnesses.

Eat more mindfully

Steer clear of diet foods that are often heavily processed and loaded with sugar and chemicals. Their empty calories often result in dieters gaining weight. And read food labels to see what ingredients are in the food you?re eating. It also helps to compare labels to ensure you?re getting the most nutritionally sound products possible.

Also, try eating at home for a couple weeks. When you dine out at restaurants, you can?t be sure how foods are prepared, and you?re served much larger portions than you?d serve yourself at home, making you more likely to overeat.

With these simple tips, you can melt the pounds away. And for in-home care by qualified caregivers, just call Specialty Care Services.

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