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Long Term Health Insurance On Health Care Bill is Cut

A long term health care part of the president?s overall health care bill has been jettisoned because it cannot be proven to be self supporting. In a report sent to congress it was noted that the plan, which would collect money from anyone signing up for it, is too costly to expect enough people to register for it. The plan would have given working adults a $50 a day benefit to pay for long term care that held them out of work.

The plan was to collect premiums from those who signed up for it, but money for the care would not have been available to 2017. The hope was to give the collected premiums time to build up in order to make this portion of the plan feasible. An analysis showed that it would not be fiscally possible, so it was scrapped.

The need for long term health insurance continues to be met only by private insurance plans. Many people have life insurance, but a large amount of the population does not have long term care or long term disability policies. The long term care policy can pay for home health aides visiting to give in home assistance. The long term disability policy is used to replace wages while this kind of care is necessary.

This lack of coverage has many more Americans relying on family members to help with activities of daily living when injury occurs or signs of aging begin to show. Home health aides from Specialty Care Services are available to assist Americans in this effort and there are long term insurance plans that do pay for this type of care.

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